We zijn er even op uitgetrokken, een rondreis doorheen Schotland!! Lekker met het gezin onze neusjes achterna, een beetje avontuur en natuur opzoeken!!
Het was een zalige reis!

Schotland 2015 (478 van 171)

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  1. What a great night at Kevin’s Langley U-Blast. A good turnout of close to a dozen guild members. Soda, glass, walnut and garnet media tried on twice that many different wood species. Very interesting results! Thx to Kevin and Peter and to Beverley for organizing it.

  2. Hi Helen! What a lovely Mo's image, love the way you've colored the christmas decoration and the contrast between the colored image and the white papers!Thanks so much for joining us at Mo's challenge this week with your stunning creation:)Hugs, Franz(GD).

  3. I agree with the reaction above. Furthermore, it is a rather strange measurement of gift spending as a percentage of your income–what percentage was Bill Gates’ Christmas presents of his $54B net worth? There’s a large disparity of income between the cities listed, so “grinchy” San Joseans are probably spending more $$, based on their average $80,000 salary.

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  5. Traditionally the GG might not oppose the PM in proroguing parliament. But traditionally, the PM doesn’t prorogue parliament three times in two years, for two months at a time. I don’t think there’s anything WRONG with the Governor General saying, “I don’t think so, Steve.”The sitting down and talking things out mediation approach wouldn’t have been appropriate in this case, since nobody was throwing massive punches at the time

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  8. Thanks ladies :)I wasn't fishing for compliments – I look 'rabbit-in-the headlights' in the pic; I can see it muyself. I just find getting photographed v uncomfortable unless it's by my friend Karen.I love my little writing corner – I feel so comfortable here.E – the lamp was a wedding prezzie. V swish. N x

  9. I definitely agree with you that she was at least more developed in this book- but to me it felt like too little too late. At that point, she was just a secondary character that fluttered through in passing. the posts are just cracking me up though. I cry ALL THE TIME reading- and this left no impact on me. I was more upset with the whole situation than her death.

  10. *hides*…. well i can’t have you thinking I’m 100% wonderful! And I did realise shortly after posting 9but with no way to retract!) that I might be breaking your not- quite – a- rule- rule about no real names, as that gets a little close… but then google CLK and we get here anyways, so *shrug*… delete if it makes you uncomfortable ma cherie

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  24. OH SNAP!! NO SHE DIDN’T!! Hokey smokes, Bullwinkle!! Mo Chen still reeling from that! Is like my brain got ultra-kicked!!LOL!Wa!!! I know Jen was no in the fight, but she needed a shut up… and look how mad Sabby’s got Kat! That has got to throw Powergirl off her game!

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  26. Humorous and entertaining. I think we may have dated some of the samecharacters. I love the way you haven’t given up. That’s the only way to go through this life and then when you least expect it…P.S.Sorry for your loss.

  27. 26-01-2012 This story reminds me of when I was little reading my American Girl magazine and learning about Flo Johnson. You always find the most remarkable stories. I shared the story of Diana Nyad with my library’s book discussion when we reviewed Grayson by Lynne Cox. Julia is another fascinating story to share.

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  34. this before but I'll say it again: you do make me smile! I'm sure you're an awesome sister (we could tie for #1). 🙂 You are right that we can only do what we can with the tools we have at the time. It must have been very difficult for your family to lose your aunt to suicide. My mom tried suicide a few times, too, which maybe is why it surprised me to learn that Rob did and I didn't know about it. Anyway, I truly appreciate your support and your sharing your own stories. You're such a delight and I'm grateful to have you as a friend.

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  60. I think Ginger might be done for (because it happens in book 4) but I don’t think that’s who they are talking about if that’s the case. She hasn’t really been close to death before like Laffy.   0 likes

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  178. The choice of someone with the relative inexperience of Sarah Palin as VP candidate is not unprecedented. This is not an encouraging example, I know, but Spiro Agnew had very limited experience when Nixon picked him. Given the flaws in Nixon’s character, he obviously found something in Agnew that resonated with him during their very brief pre-nomination acquaintance. Whatever you think of McCain, no-one is suggesting he has a Nixonian streak. But it looks like he had a similar moment when introduced to Sarah Palin.

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  206. Whiskey, I've read all those talking points, too, but if you read them closely, there's not much there at all. They sound like the SPLC going after John Tanton.Moreover, when you read less tendentious sources, even these talking points turn out to be way overblown.they all tend to vanish when you read more from less tendentious sources, such as, say, Jewish groups in Venezuela.

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  211. I remember when the priest replaced the words “eternal damnation” with “seperation from the Lord”. This happened shortly after I ended a very difficult relationship. The relief i felt after the breakup was beyond words and i couldn’t help but think that my ‘seperation’ from that person was an important thing and a good thing for both of us. Words matter and i dont think any words can replace ‘eternal damnation’.

  212. The allure of a ‘guys’ trip? Plain and simple: to be boys. Without the potential hurt feelings, constant questioning and hawk eyes. I’m sorry girls, but we do it. Usually for their own good, help them understand, but every once and a while, boys just want to be boys.

  213. To follow up on Layne’s reasoning, like Burks, Gordon Hayward shot 29% from three his last year in college. Hayward then shot 47% from three as a Jazz rookie. I’d be surprised if Burks improved THAT much, but I’d be just as surprised if his 3-pt shooting doesn’t improve at all.

  214. There is some stuff about Stenny Hoyer that I havn’t yet gotten the answer to. Hopefully I will soon know the lowdown on him as well. The liberal secrets are OOZING through the cracks. Ever so slowly we are getting the truth. Getting the truth slowly is far better than getting twisted facts quickly. Some people are observant enough to see that Hoyer spends a lot of time in very close proximity to MMMMSSSS.IMPORTANT. There is a reason for this.

  215. Really enjoyed this–I’m in a Hawksian mood having just seen “His Girl Friday” for the first time yesterday. I’ve only recently realized what a great track record Hawks had–I mean, I’ve always loved “Bringing Up Baby” and “Gentleman Prefer Blondes,” but it took me a long time to figure out that they were directed by the same guy, you know?

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  227. How long does it take to close on a house in NJ? Is it still 60 days or can it be done faster?Also houses listed as short sales needing 3rd party approval, do those take a long time to close? I haven’t seen any listed as being approved short sales.

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