Winnares nieuwjaarsloting

Vandaag kwam de winnares van de nieuwjaarsloting langs voor haar gewonnen shoot. Ze mocht een andere persoon ook mee laten komen met het hele gezin en ze nam haar zus mee met diens echtgenoot en de kindjes voor een leuke familieshoot!



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  14. Hi Guys – I think I almost enjoy reading your blogs better than watching the show. I’d like it better if it were more of you two and the chums. I’m starting to think this season is more a high school reunion – bad mouths and back biting and OMG let’s beat a dead horse Luann why don’t you !!! Anyway Love you guys – like the new web site and need to go shopping tomorrow to try your Pizza Recipe. Thanks!! Have a great weekend. Beautiful here in Upstate, hope it’s warm in your hometown too.


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  26. Sharon,Love the creativity and the joy you captured in these wonderful images. The day was so special for us all and you worked so hard for us. I am so pleased with just this “peak” and will look forward to seeing the rest of the photos in a few weeks.Thank you so much,SusieAmy’s Mom

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  70. This comment is late coming, but you OWN this outfit. Everything works: the color of the boot, the brass buttons, the red scarf, the gauze-y top, the metal works bracelet. Kudos! And keep it up! Intellect and fashion CAN bed together! ;-D

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  131. the same thing in regards to the 2010 elections. While I certainly appreciate the efforts being made to expose Obama, I don’t think removing Obama from office will be the thing that will change the course of events for our country. It might stall them, but….It’s much bigger than him and these wheels were turning long before he came on the scene. You can be sure someone else is waiting in the wings.

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  136. lynx–Agreed.Intent is a critical issue here. I have debated Paul Willcocks on this issue before. And while I will concede that it is immaterial when a clearly articulated policy change is behind the 'intent' (even if I disagree vehemently with that change, given that this is the way our system is supposed to work), I will never agree that it is not an important issue must be rooted out and laid bare for all to see when personal benefit, rather than public policy, is the major driver..

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  152. this is perhaps the most blatant expression of typical American miseducation of the masses. Your comparison between gay marriage and marriage between a goat and a man is perhaps the worst argument standpoint i’ve ever seen on this topic. there is no comparison between the two. homosexuals are people too – animals aren’t. marriage is a human act, not an animalian one – idiot. you use humour to compensate for the lack of a proper argument. you and your supporters are a joke.

  153. While I understand the implications of a library assistant entering F word in the system, it is just so cheap and banal blaming the mistake on assistant's having English as a second language. You could have just explained there was an oversight with them entering such a word. This carelessness could have equally happened to a person HAVING English as a second language.

  154. "I'm pretty sure that MADD has way more than three times the access to politicians and journalists, the financial resources, and membership, that all the HBD+Race Realist+White Nationalist websites combined."For now… for now. Nothing is as powerful as an idea whose time has come.

  155. Well…I didn't think this up at the party… although "what's going off?" did catch me off my guard. And I love a word as 'a semi-autonomous virtual machine made of information' – makes me wonder that the book could be similarly redefined to wake the world up to the gorgeous thing that it is!

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